Creative Agency: Leo Burnett Dubai | Project Type: Websites | Brand: Kellogg's

Lauch of SpecialK Challange

Launch of SpecialK Challenge UAE

SpecialK UAE website was a part of integrated campaign to promote SpecialK products in UAE market. Proudly say, Stirring Interactive has been selected by Leo Burnett to handle the work of the web development based on previous trusted results when it is a web development call. The integrated campaign managed by Leo Burnett and purposed to encourage female consumers to use the product across UAE. The microsite was essential part of this campaign. It aimed mainly to provide product information, usage advice, accept user registration, and document their achievements in weight loss. The website needed to keep an eye on, in order to fulfill the campaign changes demands.

Non Stop Web DevelopmentNon Stop Web Development

The communion lasted for four years with designs supplied by Leo Burnett, and web development work handled by Stirring Interactive. During the four years in which the microsite kept live, Stirring Interactive initially developed the site and handled the technical web development behind new skin and layout changing every year. The renewal of the website was nonstop due to the growing up of the participants numbers. It needed the immediate respond and follow up with modifications and amendments thereafter. Besides, as Stirring Interactive is committed to give the best quality, SpecialK UAE website needed a daily follow up to check the integrity of users submitted daily.

Continus AddtionsContinuous Additions

Over four years, Kellogg’s UAE has been eager to make the site more user centric. As to say, like BMI calculator to keep track with calories lost challenge of participants. The one who had the chance to look at the Kellogg’s challenge website, will notice that even accurate technical details have been take care of. One to mention is the SEO friendly URLs names which helped in giving higher ranked in search engines. On the other hand, even Kellogg’s challenge was a smooth website, but the long life time of this microsite required a full attention of the SEO rank change and immediate response from the content and web development team to correct any drop.

A lot of web development challenges created a great experience during the four years communion. The complete commitment of Stirring Interactive to deliver the best quality of web development reflected in agency satisfied for years.

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Disclaimer: Work produced in partnership with Leo Burnett MENA.