Creative Agency: Leo Burnett Dubai | Project Type: Email Templates | Brand: Citi Bank

HTML Email Development of CitiBankHTML Email Development of CitiBankHTML email development of CitiBank was an uncommon creative job which needed our full concentration and skills. Variable and huge sets of emails full of creative details to develop in the timeline needs to do our best in HTML email development. Above that, To success through our own measures, is always harder than the client’s measures. The high standards which we specify for ourselves when the job is HTML email development always key to the best quality.

HTML Email Development Approach

Through our accumulated experience in HTML email development, we set our own approach and standard steps to follow. First of all is to start from the outer structure of the email with the background images contained in the creative without any inner details. Slicing images and filling the inner details of each section separately comes in the next steps. Never to mention, the testing conducted after each step on all browsers. The approach we follow in HTML email development helps us identify any bug in HTML code quickly and this is reflected positively in the speed we deliver our projects.

HTML Email Development Challenge

In CitiBank HTML email development, we had to be quick and careful to made it through the creatives. A lot of images included in the creatives to be sliced carefully with transparency while keep a close eye on the file sizes. Besides, the gradient background contained for which we applied hacks strictly in order to overcome issues in some email clients like Microsoft Outlook. The unconventional details included in CitiBank HTML email development were uncommon.

Our Own HTML Email Development Standards

No matter how skilled and talented you are, most important lessons are gained through practical experiences. Throughout years of experiences in HTML email development, each bug we faced has been recorded. Now, we have our own list of standard recommendations, advises, and notes. This list is followed carefully whenever it is an HTML email development job in order to move smoothly between the lines. We can say that following up with bugs encountered through years of experience, gave results with the best quality ever.

This has helped the most while working on CitiBank HTML email development. Our own list of standards, saved the time when dealing with the challenging creative and avoid us any technical hiccups. Therefore, the high quality we delivered the work distinguished our final delivery to any of our clients.

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Disclaimer: Work produced in partnership with Leo Burnett MENA.