Project Type: Social Media | Brand: BHV Lebanon

Stirring Interactive ReputationStirring Interactive has been proudly selected to handle the Facebook application development of BHV in Lebanon. This is as a result of SI good reputation and smooth dealing with live application issues. Facebook application development is not an easy job especially when it contains online offer or financial prize to give. It always needs special efforts from the developers because of the big number of users who will participate and the multiple issues will interfere. The ability to expect coming issues in the Facebook application development and account for these issues through Facebook app development is coming from the accumulated experiences in previous jobs of Facebook application Development. Check the application on this link

Secure Facebook Application DevelopmentSecurity in Facebook Application Development

When we started the job of BHV Facebook application development, we realized the concept of the game which is based on the images and visuals to guess the logos and win. We had to make sure that images and logos are secure in the Facebook application development. Therefore, we protected the images in an unreachable folder through HTTP protocol and allow the access to them through a PHP gateway script. In this way, we guaranteed, in our Facebook application development process, a strong security check applied to any image request to make sure the specific image is viewable to the user based on the permissions gained while he is playing the game.

Data Monitoring in Facebook ApplicationsData Monitoring & User Activity Log

As always when the online campaign contain financial prize as BHV logo Guess Facebook application, we always expect and account for malicious activities that attempt to manipulate the result. Stirring Interactive put all of its previous experiences to make sure that app is secure and no malicious activity is to interrupt. Even though, we still expect some users to challenge our security measures. That’s why we manage through our process in Facebook application development to react and fix any unseen bug by keeping a very close eye on the generated data from campaign participants as long as the app is live. Also, we make sure we log every single activity a user makes that may affect the score or ranking in the game. That allows us to handle any suspicious activity immediately from our side. On the other hand, finding the cheating activity and correcting them become very easy through the user activity log we register.

The more secure actions in Facebook application development process the better result quality will be gained. This approach of Stirring Interactive will be translated to a more trusted and longer relationship with our client.

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