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Movenpick Email Development
Movenpick HTML Email Testing and Development

Movenpick HTML Email Testing and Development

HTML email testing and development is a basic job for every development team. But, the quality in which the work is delivered is the challenge. Here in this job, we had different sets of emails for HTML developing and email testing. They were to be delivered in a short time. With the accurate details developing and email testing along, it was an interesting challenge. It’s not only to deliver in the scheduled time, but also to deliver in the best quality as well.

Email Testing Approach

Email testing process comes for each part of the email separately in order to assure we are on the right path. Testing email step by step helps to specify the issues may appear in each part and solve immediately. First comes testing the outer structure of the email before filling in the contents. After that, filling each inner part and test it separately.

Background Image Challenge

Regarding Movenpick emails, it was a short time to deliver and correct any issues may interfere. The challenging point we faced while email testing is the email background images in the creative. It’s well known now for all that some of the Outlook versions don’t support the background email. We’ve been through many rounds of modifications and applying hacks in order to make it appear in all Outlook versions without compromising the creative.

Email Testing Report Using Litmus

In order to make the email testing faster and more accurate, we used Litmus for the test process. Litmus gives the ability to test each email in all browsers in a short time and with no need to have all the devices physically with us. Also, Litmus email testing report, usually send to our clients, will give them a peace of mind that email will look perfect no matter what the device or browser used to view the email. the following URL will show one of these email testing reports which we consider as final quality assurance seal on our delivery. You may check it here:

Our Own Standards and Check List

Email testing is a majority to reach the highest quality expected. But, for us, it’s important that it doesn’t become a waste of time. Over the past years experiences in building HTML emails, we could have created our own standard and check list to avoid any error even when building the email. For Movenpick HTML email testing and developing with high quality expectations, it was an interesting challenge which we definitely have the answer to.

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