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Responsive Web Design is a web design aims to provide an optimal viewing experience responding for reading and viewing through many devices with different sizes from desktop screen to mobile phones.
Less than 2 years ago, the idea of responsive web design was in childhood to create a website for all devices was considered a new fad. Most of designers think why we should take risk and loss our time and energy in this fad it will passing through. But of course they were wrong, responsive web design with mobile devices continued heading forward, stronger than ever. Now it’s not a questionable idea, it has exceeded the Theoretical side to application side, it become a Lifestyle for any designer.

In spite of all approbations and the heavy industry that Responsive Web Design had received, there are some designers still not satisfied in Responsive Web Design, and insisted that should be a different versions of website for each devices. I disagree with them I will introduce some point that should consider why we should use Responsive Web Design.

Why Should We Use Responsive Web Design?

Smart Phone and Tablets1- The huge spread of smart phones and tablets: According to Deloitte, there is 1 billion smart phones and tablets will shaped over the world this year, that means the users who use their smart phones and tablets to connect to web are incredibly increasing more than users of desktop. So that, designers should take care about Responsive Web Design because it’s a great opportunity for companies to have more connection with their clients. Regardless of device they use to check its website,  if they make a different versions of website and mobile the content will be unclear if the user preview the mobile version in desktop or if preview desktop version in mobile. So that, Responsive Web Design is the best solution by creating one version for desktop and mobile devices.

Better SEO2 – Improve Website Ranking in SEO: In digital world, when Google advises anything in a certain way that considers a path all designer should walk in to improve website rank. Last two years Google considered responsive sites with mobile phones as “configurations recommended”. So when designer use Responsive Web Design that give the website more flexibility than traditional design because when user share a link from mobile and another user want to view it on desktop screen Responsive design will preview it on a normal site at the same time a site dedicated for mobile phones. There is no confusion between the two in this case. But if there is two version of website one for mobile and the other for desktop a vision will be in this case terrible and unacceptable. No one wants to see a site dedicated to mobile phones on a regular computer screen, and Google will record it as expelled point bounce. So when SEO finds the rate of exit from the same page which visitor entered without visiting any other pages, Bounce Rate is increasing. That means user doesn’t find what he need in your site, as a result, the ranking of site will decrease and exclusion from Google search results. In addition, the load time of the site consider very important factor because when the user visiting a website from mobile and transforming automatically not taking a long time, Google will add a point to the site ranking.

Responsive Web Design is easier to maintenance3- Responsive Web Design is easier to maintenance: Sites are providing a lot of contents, and if developers want to build different versions to default with different devices that will be a big problem and take a long time which will not be particular in the future. When a new device appears that means developers should create new versions for it. But by using Responsive Web Design that won’t consider as a challenge, the site will be responsive to any change in screen size or the nature of devices with no need to any maintenance or modification.

Even though all the people who oppose the Responsive Web Design and not convinced of its importance, they should know that it’s the future. So when Mashable pronounce that 2013 is the year of Responsive Web Design that consider a respect for its importance.

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