Iyad Bitar

Managing Partner  

Since the days of Internet Explorer 5 and the online world is building my career, I witnessed and documented – by writing code – the evolvement of digital word. Stirring Interactive, which I started few years back, is my own humble attempt to leave a pin on the digital map. I’m holding Bachelor degree in software engineering and a learner until the Internet stop!.

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Rawan Khal

Communication Manager

Bachelor degree holder in English Literature, brought my communication management skills from insurance industry with me to Stirring Interactive, since that time I got “stirrified” by the digital and online world. Loving every aspect of it never to mention my interest in concepts of SEO and the creativity it holds beside that I’m the one who stir the communication with our clients.

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Samer Melhem

Senior Web & Mobile Developer 

I’m the code poet at Stirring Interactive who I joined years back and found the place to publish my poems made of PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, and jQuery. My poems made very good lyrics to melodies like WordPress, ExpressionEngine, ByroCMS, Node.js, Facebook API, and Twitter API. I have an open appetite to new code poem and melodies. Also I hold a bachelor degree in software engineering.

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Johnny Barakat

Front-end Developer  

You are reading these lines because of me who crafted the HTML code behind this page, and most of other projects at Stirring Interactive since 4 years and counting. I’m HTML5 and responsive design believer, mobile technology lover, and a new challenge seeker. Also I’m holding a Master degree in Management Information System.

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Abdullah Mohammed

Actionscript Developer & Flash Animator

Simply, I move stuff around! everything related to Flash in Stirring Interactive is done by me since more than 4 years. I love Actionscript and can do everything with it and last word I’m a computer science diploma graduate.